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Hello! I created this site because I quickly became
frustrated in researching my move to London. I found
there wasn’t one central website where I could find
simple and basic information about moving to England.

I wondered what a Walgreens was called in the UK. I wondered if there were any scholarships available for US students studying in the UK. What were the major gym chains? The major newspapers? How easy would it be to get a UK bank account? What were the major supermarkets and where could they be found? Was it easy and cheap to travel? Do they have Taco Bell in England?

I put together this site to answer basic questions Americans may have about their move to England. I hope you find it a good site for students as well as business professionals and even for extended-stay travelers. Please don’t be afraid to email your questions!
About me

After five years of working for Apple Computer I decided to give up my job and move to London to earn my masters in creative writing. I left my life behind in the US and moved to the UK with nothing more than a suitcase in hand. It’s been the best decision I have ever made!

Moving to another country by yourself can be frightening. I knew nothing of life in London. Most of the information on this site comes through first hand experience living here and other information from some pretty heavy research.
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